• Large processing capacity
    Large Processing Capacity

    The Shenzhen market peaked at 3 million transactions per second

    The Shanghai Stock Exchange peaked at 2 million transactions per second

  • ultra low latency
    Ultra Low Latency

    The FPGA processing delay of the online version of the market system is 164 nanoseconds

    Network version end-to-end (MDGW-client) delay 2.0 microseconds

    The end-to-end delay of the local version of the market system is 1 microsecond

System Features

  • Function

    High throughput, ultra-low latency order processing performance

  • Function

    Nanosecond-level market ultra-low processing delay performance

  • Function

    Modular design to quickly complete system function upgrades

  • Function

    The core logic is designed with FPGA to provide technical support for extremely fast performance

  • Function

    Easy deployment and maintenance, integrated delivery and deployment, support for multiple deployment solutions

Huayun Quick Market Date Securities [Switch] Version (HQM-SW)

  • System Features
    System Features

    Independently reduce the complexity of system hardware deployment, and a single FPGA switch can deploy the entire system

    Can be cascaded and expanded according to the number of users

    Support visual operation and maintenance management

  • function upgrade
    function upgrade

    Support independent user management

    Support subscription by stock code and market type for independent users

    Synchronous upgrade of system functions, such as support for Shenzhen multicast market, Shanghai Stock Exchange tick-by-tick market, etc.

  • performance improvement
    performance improvement

    Point-to-point market push, which can reduce the end-to-end delay by nearly 300 nanoseconds

    Network deployment, further reducing transmission paths, two-stage switch delay 400 nanometers