Application Scenario


The algorithmic bus integrates algorithmic trading and traditional securities trading, and supports a variety of business scenarios, including smart entrustment, T0 intraday rotation, one-click optimization, file scanning, POV and stock index tracking, centralized bidding algorithms, etc. Users can choose independently according to their needs . The supporting performance evaluation platform can provide users with intuitive algorithm performance, making it easy for them to make targeted investments.

System Features

  • Function

    Multi party access

    Algorithm unified access, freeing up resources, and solving the problem of multi to multi access for algorithms, counters, clients, and third-party systems.

  • Function

    Unified management

    Unified algorithm business management to reduce operation and maintenance costs. The supporting business auxiliary monitoring system of the system enables timely detection of anomalies.

  • Function

    Easy to operate

    An independent algorithm evaluation system to achieve intelligent recommendation; Integrate algorithmic trading and traditional transaction to realize one-stop operation.


  • #

    Ultra low latency

    Self-developed memory database, storage read and write time as low as 3-5 microseconds;

    Network RPC system call delay, as low as 3-7 microseconds;

    Sub-single penetration delay, as low as 7 microseconds.

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    super throughput

    Support 1000W order level, client basket order concurrent volume 10W+;

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    Multiple terminals are online at the same time

    Support 1000+ users, each user supports 5 terminals online at the same time

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    Support multi-party access

    Support 128+ algorithm access; support 128+ algorithm manufacturer access; algorithm parameter length 2k bytes;

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    large basket capacity

    The basket supports 50+ stocks (supports all stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets).