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Test Automation Engineer


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for automated testing of algorithm buses, counters, etc.;

2. Responsible for automated testing of market software and market FPGA;

3. Responsible for writing test plans, test frameworks, and test cases;

4. Responsible for testing new technology research, CI/CD and maintenance of various versions.



1. Familiar with Tcp/IP/UDP multicast/Http/Websocket and other network protocols, network packet testing tools and methods

2. Familiar with TcpReplay, TcpDump, Wincap, the use of shell commands under Linux, etc.

3. Master one of the programming languages ​​C++/Java/Python, and complete the writing of test frameworks, test cases, etc.

4. Familiar with shell commands in Linux environment, environment construction, etc.

5. Familiar with server-side API testing and stress testing tools, such as loadRunner, Jmeter, robotFramework and other tools

6. Familiar with web-side testing, client-side testing, API testing, Jenkins, etc. and other CI/CD build deployment tools, etc.

7. Experience in hardware/FPGA testing, network card use such as solarfare, development and testing experience in the financial industry is preferred


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