Industry Solutions

Product Manager


Job Responsibilities:

1. Engage in the design and development of FPGA-based counter systems for securities trading, risk control, and market prices;

2. Responsible for product planning, business process design, function design, product optimization, etc.;

3. Formulate product demand plan, conduct feasibility analysis and design, write product function demand specification, and be responsible for demand tracking and control;

4. In-depth analysis of competitors' products and promotions, timely research and monitoring;

5. Collect and process the competition information of various products in the market in a timely manner, do a good job in the feasibility demonstration and project establishment of new products, and keep abreast of the development of the same industry;

6. Establish an effective business demand and problem feedback channel, and be responsible for connecting and coordinating with technology, operation, and sales to jointly promote product development and user satisfaction.



1. Experience in developing counter systems, operation and maintenance management systems, and monitoring systems for securities and futures-related market, trading, and risk control is preferred;

2. Familiar with the methods and procedures of product design and management, including functional analysis, user role analysis, prototype design, interface development, usability testing, etc.;

3. Have rich experience in interaction design, have a strong grasp of user experience, and be able to plan and design product functions, use processes and interactive experience well;

4. Clear organization, good communication and expression skills, and strong ability to study and solve problems;

5. Take solving problems and achieving goals as their own responsibility, good at time management, and able to control the progress of multi-line work.

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