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Good news!! HQM Rapid Market System Wins Awards

Time:2021-01-14 00:00

Good news!  !  HQM Extremely Fast Quotes System Wins the Award


Recently, Huayun Information's self-developed project - "FPGA-Based Market Acceleration System" won the 2019 Xiangmi Lake Financial Technology Innovation Award Excellent Project Award!


The "Xiangmi Lake Financial Technology Innovation Award" is established by the Shenzhen Futian District Government to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of financial institutions and financial enterprises to carry out financial technology innovation, create an atmosphere for financial technology innovation, and promote the implementation of financial technology innovative products and projects.

The award selection started in 2018. Our project passed five stages and won the Excellent Project Award, which proves our outstanding achievements in low-latency market system.


Good news!  !  HQM Extremely Fast Quotes System Wins the Award


Over the years, Huayun Information has always been adhering to the ingenuity spirit of "what you need, what I do", making products with solid technology and heart, and is committed to providing customers with the best service. With FPGA technology as the core, Huayun Information has launched a series of products based on FPGA technology, laying a solid foundation for product and business expansion.

The market acceleration system based on FPGA, that is, the HQM speed market system, has been launched in China Merchants Securities and has been running stably for 2 years. In the past two years, the HQM system has continued to provide customers with high-quality market services, and has established a good reputation in the industry.

Huayun independently developed a new generation of FPGA-based high-speed, low-latency market system - HQM hardware market acceleration system, which supports Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market, including science and technology innovation board, options and other sectors. The system provides customers with multiple market access methods and forwarding methods. For example, market mirroring access and standard TCP access are supported on the access side, which can meet the needs of brokers in different scenarios. Support UDP multicast forwarding and standard TCP distribution on the user side. For users who have high requirements for low market delay and high data security, TCP distribution can be used to ensure the safety and reliability of the market.


During the market transmission process, the HQM system obtains the original market data from the exchange market gateway, and after the HQM system analyzes and reorganizes, it forwards it to the client server through a low-latency network.


Good news!  !  HQM Extremely Fast Quotes System Wins the Award

Good news!  !  HQM Extremely Fast Quotes System Wins the Award




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