Futures market solution

Based on the FPGA technology innovation, Huayun helps futures investors realize the market understanding and futures trading one step ahead, and easily capture the decisive point of the futures market.
In addition to accelerating at the application layer, Huayun FPGA speed market products are also committed to improving the ability of network protocol layer acceleration and in-depth optimization, and the performance has been greatly improved.

  • Function

    online version

    Provide diversified market demands for multiple users, and can serve an unlimited number of users through multicast, and the end-to-end landing delay reaches single-digit microsecond level.

  • Function

    local version

    Tailor-made for local users who pursue ultimate performance, this solution is implemented to local users through the PCIE bus, eliminating the delay of network transmission, and the end-to-end transmission delay reaches single-digit microsecond level; at the same time, it provides local users with A fast market access API similar to the CPI interface.

  • Function

    switch version

    The market is converted through a layer of extremely fast switches, which supports the diversified market needs of multiple users, the non-protocol transmission mode, and the user-customized market subscription mode, bringing a hundred nanosecond-level FPGA penetration delay experience.

Futures counter solution

  • Function

    software version

    The pure software-based OTC trading system can achieve a penetration delay within a few microseconds. While providing a low-latency solution, it can cover more complex businesses and access more users.

  • Function

    FPGA version

    For transaction users who pursue extreme speed, it provides extremely fast counter transaction services, which can realize transaction business processing penetration delay experience at the microsecond level.