AI Big Data + Agriculture

Agricultural informatization and intelligence are important components of national economy and social informatization, and are an inevitable stage of agricultural development. Based on the technology of AI big data + Internet of Things platform, Huayun provides customers with indoor and outdoor digital supervision and operation-driven services in agricultural scenarios. It provides a good platform support for intelligent production, visualized management, and convenient marketing, and also provides a scientific data evaluation system for digital agricultural transformation.

  • Function


    Comprehensive solution for core big data storage in the agricultural industry

    Agricultural Data Security Solution

     Smart agriculture production and operation management system solution

  • Function

    Smart management

    GIS Digital Farm Management

    Fine crop management

    Product and user traceability management

    AI agricultural eye knowledge base management

  • Function

    Smart integration

    System hardware integration service

    Software custom development service

    Digital Agriculture AI Algorithm Optimization

    Visual management and control

    Video cloud service

  • Function

    Smart monitoring

    Meteorological environment monitoring management system

    Remote seedling growth monitoring system

    Disease and pest monitoring and early warning system

    Production Operation Management System

    Field Soil Moisture Monitoring System

    Water and fertilizer integrated management system

    Greenhouse automatic control management system