Industry Solutions

Java position (understand valuation system)


Post 1. Data class development

1. Business requirements: Familiar with the core table structure of Yingshisheng Valuation System;

2. Business requirements: understand core table structures such as Hang Seng TA, Hang Seng O32, wind, and Juyuan, and be proficient in writing SQL statements and performance tuning;

3. Have more than 3 years of working experience in data processing and data processing, and be proficient in using sql, python and other tools for data analysis and modeling.


Post 2. application development

1. Good Java programming foundation, able to skillfully apply Spring-related technical system (spring mvc, spring boot, spring cloud) framework to develop business applications; 

2. Familiar with database development, have an understanding of SQL/NoSQL data, such as Oracle, Mysql, MongoDB and other related operating experience; 

3. Master the relevant middleware technology, understand the application scenarios of Kafka, Nginx, Redis, Consul and other components;

4. Participate in the development of the core code of the Java project, and be able to solve difficult technical problems that arise during system development and operation.

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