Industry Solutions

Pre Sales Engineer


Job Responsibilities:

1. The main job responsibilities include but not limited to: customer communication, demand analysis, project bidding, scheme design, scheme explanation, etc.;

2. Familiar with the various work links of pre-sales support for system integration projects, master the professional ability of bidding, and have the ability to design schemes;

3. Cooperate with sales to explain and demonstrate solutions for customers, provide authoritative explanations on the technical performance and system configuration of solutions, and answer technical questions raised by customers;

4. Cooperate with the company's back office business department to do a good job in internal communication, data collection, technical coordination, etc., to ensure the implementability of the plan;

5. Provide necessary product and technical training for sales staff;

6. After the project wins the bid, conduct technical disclosure with the project manager to ensure the correct implementation of the plan and the smooth implementation of various projects.




1. Bachelor degree or above in computer-related majors; more than 3 years of pre-sales support work experience in the system integration industry;

2. Familiar with related technical principles of computer network, network security, server, storage and other systems; understand related product lines of Inspur, DELL, Cisco, Huawei, H3C and other brands;

3. Familiar with the system integration product selection, integration process and integration landing organization, understand the deliverables of each link of the system integration project;

4. Familiar with Xinchuang industry and related products is preferred;

5. Possess strong learning ability, logical thinking ability, communication and expression ability, product and solution presentation ability, question-and-answer skills, etc., and be able to dig out user pain points and needs, and combine with the company's products to form solutions;

6. Have good teamwork skills and be able to work under high pressure;



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