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C++Development Engineer


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for platform message persistence and replay, distributed message communication middleware, system multi-active deployment and maintenance, etc.;

2. Responsible for the docking needs of the platform's trading counter, market, algorithm interaction, etc.;

3. Responsible for message consistency and data recovery of in-memory database and persistent database;

4. Responsible for the low-latency network communication function of the platform;

5. Responsible for platform client and algorithm client so library version maintenance;

6. Responsible for the platform client framework and interactive functions, communication, etc.




1. Senior engineers have infrastructure capabilities, business coordination capabilities, and have senior experience in network communication, distributed services, and low-latency message buses.

2. Intermediate engineers have certain experience in network communication, distributed services, low-latency message bus, financial business, etc., and have senior R&D capabilities in several of them.

3. Junior engineers have a good grasp of executive ability and C++ language foundation, and have certain research and development capabilities, and love research and development.

4. The mid-level client engineer has certain research and development experience in network communication, client research and development, financial business, interactive functions, etc., and the basic requirements are relatively good.

5. Good logical thinking ability, good communication skills

6. Solid computer foundation (network, database, etc.), solid C++ foundation

7. Familiar with basic design patterns, BS and CS architecture, and commonly used shell commands

8. Familiar with C++ 11 and above standards, master memory database, MySQL, Redis, http/tcp/udp and other network communication protocols, have relatively senior experience in Linux kernel, programming environment and debugging content under Linux, master various Action command.

9. Master C++ multi-threaded multi-process applications, distributed systems and deployment.


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