Industry Solutions

FPGA Development Engineer


Job Responsibilities:

1. Perform corresponding performance and resource evaluation according to the module functions after the decomposition of project requirements, and then complete conceptual design, detailed design, etc.;

2. Use Verilog HDL to develop and design FPGA logic functions;

3. Carry out UT verification of the module and FPGA board-level synthesis, verification, etc.;

4. FPGA board-level testing, assisting system integration, etc.




1. Bachelor degree or above in communication, electronics, computer and related majors;

2. More than 2 years of working experience in FPGA development, those with strong ability can be considered exceptionally;

3. Familiar with the FPGA design and development process, have a certain understanding of FPGA devices from companies such as ALTERA and XILLIX, and be familiar with the FPGA development tools of corresponding manufacturers;

4. Proficiency in using Verilog hardware description language, familiar with the use of modelsim and other related comprehensive simulation software;

5. Experience in financial transaction-related system development is preferred;

6. Experience in Ethernet transmission protocol development, PCIE+DMA+ driver development is preferred.


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