Industry Solutions


Huayun Information, based on FPGA technology innovation, creates an extremely fast ecological environment in securities counters, securities markets, risk control compliance, and other aspects, providing comprehensive and deep level intelligent solutions for the securities industry, and improving


Huayun, based on FPGA technology innovation, helps futures investors achieve one-step market understanding and futures trading, easily occupying the decisive point of the futures market. Huayun's FPGA based market products, in addition to

AI Big Data + Securities

The brokerage business in the securities industry is becoming increasingly homogeneous, with personalized services, intelligent decision-making, and controllable risks being the core goals of securities firms for digital upgrading. Huayun Information utilizes AI big data technology to promote marketing, risk control, and investment advisory

AI Big Data + Bank

Huayun provides deep AI big data empowerment services for banks at the levels of smart operation, smart management, smart risk control, and smart marketing. Use artificial intelligence to improve the comprehensive ability of financial intermediary of commercial banks, synchronized as

AI Big Data + Insurance

Huayun provides deep AI big data empowerment services for insurance institutions at the level of smart marketing and smart operations, and provides marketing and underwriting solutions based on AI big data technology for insurance companies to achieve richer insurance

AI Big Data+Agriculture

Agricultural informatization and intelligence are important components of national economy and social informatization, and are inevitable stages of agricultural development. Based on AI big data and IoT platform technology, Huayun provides customers with
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